Newly Available! 24 set of cuticle oils to display for resale in your retail location. 

Suggested retail price $20.00 each

4 or each  6 scents are in includes: 6 scents x 4 bottles  = 24 bottles ( full set )

1. Strawberry Lemonade (4) 

2.  Lemon Eucalyptus (4)

3. Peach (4)

4. Red Hot P..... (4)

5. Red Hot Banana (4)

6. Allure ( Pheromone) (4)

Juicy by Mon Cheri is a cuticle repair oil made from the finest and richest ingredients and scents that can easily be included in your nail pampering regimen. Our not-so-secret ingredients are black seed oil and vitamin E oil which provide your cuticles with all the tender love and care they deserve. Prevent dryness and cuticle damage. Stay moisturized, and ultimately stay healthy