Nutrient rich Elixir for your cuticles and hands!

Strawberry Lemonade Cuticle Oil

✅ NATURAL INGREDIENTS -Juicy by Mon Cheri Cuticle Oil helps naturally restore nail health, moisturizing and conditioning the nails and cuticles to prevent dryness, cracking and splitting. Black seed oil and vitamin E oil helps nails to grow strong and smooth by reducing brittleness and dehydration


Peach Cuticle Oil

✅ MADE FOR ACTIVE LIFESTYLE - Having damaged nails and cuticles can obstruct your daily activities, from doing household chores, performing tasks at work, playing guitar or piano, to doing your workout routines. This nail strengthener and cuticle softener can assist keep your nails strong and healthy so you can focus on


Red Hot P..... Cuticle Oil

✅ PERFECT GIFT IDEA- This cuticle oil for nails is the great gift for everyone; you can give it as a gift to your wife, mother, friend or yourself. It can be given to your loved one on Mother's Day, Father's Day, Anniversary, Thanksgiving or Christmas Mon Cheri, our founder, struggled with a nail-biting habit and the aftermath


Lemon Eucalyptus Cuticle Oil

✅ MOISTURIZE CUTICLE, SKIN & NAILS- The natural and organic oils absorb rapidly into dry and damaged skin adding much-needed moisture. This cuticle treatment assists in replacing moisture to the cuticle, skin and nails to helps improve its health and appearance Juicy by Mon Cheri



Manicuring has quickly become a great self-care routine that's both soul-lifting and wholesome for a lot of women. Every DIY or home care enthusiast knows how nail care could become increasingly stressful and painful with damaged cuticles. Mon Cheri, our founder, struggled with a nail-biting habit and the aftermath was seriously damaged cuticles that bled for days and refused to heal. She embarked on a journey to provide a solution to repair damaged cuticles. After years of research and testing several products, Mon Cheri and her team were finally able to put together a cuticle oil product that not only repairs damaged cuticles but also prevents peeling and dryness of the skin – Juicy by Mon Cheri. Juicy by Mon Cheri is a cuticle repair oil made from the finest and richest ingredients and scents that can easily be included in your nail pampering regimen. Our not-so-secret ingredients are black seed oil and vitamin E oil which provide your cuticles with all the tender love and care they deserve. Prevent dryness and cuticle damage. Stay moisturized, and ultimately stay healthy.

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