Bulk 24-Piece Cuticle Oil Set by Juicy by Mon Cheri - Ideal for Retail Display

Featuring a complete set of 24 cuticle oils, this wholesale bundle is perfect for retail stores looking to offer high-quality nail care products. Each set includes 6 unique scents, with 4 bottles of each scent, ensuring a diverse range of options for your customers.

Scent varieties included in this set are Strawberry Lemonade, Lemon Eucalyptus, Peach, Red Hot P...., Red Hot Banana, and Allure (Pheromone). Each bottle is filled with the finest ingredients and scents, making it a must-have for anyone's nail care routine.

Formulated with nourishing black seed oil and vitamin E oil, Juicy by Mon Cheri's cuticle oils provide essential hydration to dry and damaged cuticles, promoting healthy and moisturized nails. With a suggested retail price of $20.00 per bottle, this set is an excellent value for your business.