Helps soften old dead skin cells, keeps keratin from falling off, mild and non-irritating, regenerates skin as smooth and delicate as baby skin; improves cracking and roughness caused by insufficient care, makes skin reappear full, soft and bright; Reduces foot odor and keeps it clean and comfortable.
Note: Do not use pregnant women, babies, children, diabetics or wounds on the feet! Sensitive skin and allergic constitution, please do sensitive test before using! Repeat for more than 10 days.

Product size: 19*13*0.5cm
Suitable for the crowd: people with rough horny skin, peeling, calluses, itching
Efficacy: tender and exfoliating, nourishing and moisturizing
Storage method: Keep away from children, avoid sunlight, and store in a cool place.
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Package Content
1*Foot Peeling Mask