Product information:
Pattern: Cartoon
Color: black, dark green, pink, brown, yellow
Size: 160 yards (inner length 15CM suitable for 24-25 yards),170 yards (inner length 16CM suitable for 26-27 yards),180 yards (inner length 17CM suitable for 28-29 yards),190 yards (inner length 18CM suitable for 29-30 yards),200 yards (inner length 19CM suitable for 30-31 yards),210 yards (inner length 20CM suitable for 32-33 yards),220 yards (21CM internal length is suitable for 34-35 yards),35/36 yards (standard size),37/38 yards (standard size),39/40 yards (standard size)
Shoe Upper material: EVA
Applicable gender: neutral/both men and women

Packing list:
1 pair of slippers 

Product Image: