Product information:
Product category: Storage hanging bag
Series: wool storage bag
Color: Grey-empty bag,-purple-empty bag,-blue-empty bag
Style: rustic
Size: 32*30*6cm

1. Embroidery Tool Box: The main compartment has 2 elastic top pockets and 2 mesh pockets for storing embroidery frames, cross stitch thread, cloth, etc. The front compartment has several elastic loops, and the bottom slot is used to store tape measures, scissors, pens, and more. The inside zippered pocket is perfect for carrying small items without getting lost. .
2. High Quality Material: Made of high quality durable cloth material. The inner padded insert will provide good protection for your embroidery items.
3. Easy to carry: The large circular opening with two-way zipper makes it easy to put in or take out items while sewing. The top handle makes it easy to carry on the street.
4. Spree: Ideal for beginners or embroidery lovers to organize or shop.
5. Easy to use, smooth to the touch, easy to use, ergonomically designed handle is very comfortable and can fundamentally meet your knitting needs

Packing list:
Handbag X1