Product information:
Color: Water-Based# primer, water-based# bright oil, H01 condensate oil, H02 silent, H03 gray jade, H04 Linglan, H05 Gray, H06 chestnut shell, H07 white moonlight, h08 Taoyao, H09 Sleeping Lotus, h10 streamer magic color, H11 silver sand, H12 dark plum sauce purple, H13 Berry hot wine, H14 beet fruit puree, H15 smoked Mulberry, H16 grape toffee, H17 peach fermentation, H18 encounter, h19 pear vortex smile, h20 Peninsula iced tea, H21 White Day dreamway, h22 polar morning light, H23 flowers are gone, H25 cloud top, H26 ink film, H27 twilight, H28 day and night, H29 Starlight is gone, h30 time is shallow, h31 cheese is early, H32 sesame snow, H33 a cup of tea, H34 human vegetation, h35 hibernation, H37 lime bubble, H38 flower, H39 cloud, H40 mojito blue, h41 qinxia ocean, H43 white windmill, H44 cameo Oreo fried glutinous rice cakes, H45 lime wall, H46 quiet deep sea, H47 black-eyed beans, H48 silver smoothie, H49 camel sweater, H56 magic potion, h57 preferred raspberry, h58 litchi milk Dew, H59 Munich night, H60 Black Swan
Function: quick-drying, baking-free, erasable
Net content: 8.5
Category: nail polish, water-based

Packing list:
Water based nail polish * 1
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