Let me talk about a legendary story: a long time ago, there was an animal called Paixiu. He is the ninth son of the Dragon King. Gold and silver jewelry are his food. He has a dragon's head, a horse's body and wings. He is so strong that he can go from bad luck to good luck. Later, people regarded it as a symbol of wealth and good luck. Those who wear a brave bracelet will also be blessed


Pixiu represents wealth and luck.
This is a wonderful way to attract positive energy, wealth, success, health and luck into your life.
This is a great gift for birthday, graduation, birthday

Type: Bracelet
Style: Man
Material: Alloy + natural stone
Size (approximately)
Pixiu pendant about 22x12x12mm (10mm) /32.7*15.5*13mm (14mm)
Pearl diameter: 10 / 14mm
Quantity: 1 string

1. Store jewelry separately and mix with other jewelry or hard objects to avoid sanding the surface;
2. Avoid prolonged contact with sweat to corrode the surface;
3. Please remove the product when bathing and washing, avoid direct contact with acidic and alkaline substances;
4. Use water, detergent and soft brush to restore the zircon brightness (polishing, scratching will not be able to restore);
5. When storing, please wipe off the sweat and dirt on the surface with cotton cloth or facial tissue, and then put it in a sealed bag for storage.

Package includes: 

1x bracelet