Moks Nix is German for, ‘it makes no difference, and it shouldn’t make a difference where you are if you want to have a good time, should it? The solution?


These cards are a labor of love, which were spun out of the MOKS NIX LIVE GAME SHOW: a family-oriented variety show, which involves audience members participating in entertaining activities to win amazing prizes and surprises, such as Flat Screen TVs, Tablets, Visa Gift cards, and much more. Inspired by a family vacation in Orlando, Florida, where the return home was met with disappointingly less opportunities for family entertainment, the creator is hoping to release this deck of cards to ensure that you never have to go through that again.

How do you use them? In any way you want, but for some real fun, how about playing the MOKS NIX way?

For prizes and surprises at our MOKS NIX LIVE GAME SHOWS, audience members can play the game like this:


  1. Each player selects one deck
  2. Ready, Set, GO!
  3. The first to sort their colors is the WINNER, or
  4. The first to sort the colors and place the cards in order (Ace, 1-10, Jack, Queen and King) is the WINNER

But remember, you can enjoy them any way you want, because MOKS NIX! Everyone is a winner.